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Q: Will there be any publication(s) associated with this workshop?
A: While we are not soliciting or producing manuscripts to be published in FDG’s conference proceedings, interested participants in the workshop may be invited to participate in drafting a white paper based on the discussions and ideas developed at the workshop.

Q: What date will the workshop be?
A: The exact date of the workshop is TBD and will be posted here ASAP.

Q: Who can participate in this workshop? Do I need to have programming / tabletop design / teaching experience to participate?
A: We are hoping to have a group of participants with diverse backgrounds and experiences. If you have interests in designing and implementing tools for virtual tabletop gameplay and design, then you are welcome to participate!

Q: Should I bring a tool that I’ve made or used to tackle this issue to the workshop?
A: Not necessarily. If you have something that you have a lot of experience with that you’d like to share with the group, that’s fantastic. But there’s no expectation that you’ll come into the workshop with any specific technology in mind – the workshop is designed as more of an initial brainstorming session.

Q: Do I need to register for the FDG 21 conference?
A: Yes, all workshop participants need to be registered for FDG 2021.

If your question is not answered above, please feel free to fill out this form below to reach out to us with your question.

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